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To heal means:

To restore mental and emotional peace, maintain inner balance, and keep our life-force energy vibrant and strong which ultimately keeps our whole being lively, confident, and healthy.

Why an energy healing session for you or your horse?

Any energy blockage in and around the body will affect mental, emotional, energetic, and physical aspects of a being. Thus, clearing it will restore the body’s vitality and a healthy state of being.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve observed:

Improves performance, behavior, learning ability, range of motion, and sense of interconnectedness, health, vitality, and joyfulness.

Reduces stress level, creates deep state of relaxation & balance.

Enhances client’s clarity of mind and their concentration.

Highlights and/or treats the root cause of a blockage.

Reduces recovery time.

And much more...

Be aware and conscious

Be grateful for each moment

Breathe deeply and consciously

Observe with loving and compassionate heart

And remember:

What you focus on, you participate in, give it energy, and make it grow

Monthly Quote
Inspirational Thoughts
“Homeira is a skilful practitioner. Her Reiki sessions are very calming, soothing, and healing.”
- Jennie Huie

“I came from the Doctor’s office with pain in my right side because of a urinary infection. Even though I took the antibiotic; the pain was still persistent. After my Reiki session I feel very relaxed and the pain is gone.”
- Sedigheh Mahjoub

“After Homeira's visits, the horses are much more relaxed. They respond very well to her treatment and move more freely in lessons after a session. As well, our horses with breathing difficulties benefit greatly from the Reiki sessions.”
- Kelly Whitlock, Stable Manager

“The horses in our stables have greatly benefited from Homeira’s Reiki treatments. They are able to move better if they were stiff. Those with lung problems, now breathe better. And they are happy again after negative build-ups.”
- Michelle Pritchard, Groom

"In experiencing Homeira's Reiki, it was as if she knew exactly what my body needed, and exactly where and when it needed it. Her Reiki made my body feel awakened, and with her meditative guidance I felt connected and protected as I never had before. I am forever grateful for Homeira's services."
- Penny Ganapathi

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